Accessory Dwelling Units

A 30 second commute to the office.
A rental unit earning passive income every month.
A place for the in-laws and other guests.
ADUs by MVP Builders

Convert your garage or backyard space into an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Whether you’d like some additional space for yourself, or living space for family while maintaining your privacy, or if you’d like to start your real estate empire, MVP Builders can change your space with a garage conversion, a room addition, or a completely new construction. 

The MVP ADU Process

The process starts with a conversation and ends with a beautifully constructed Accessory Dwelling Unit. Check out the rest of the process:

Your Accessory Dwelling Unit starts with a conversation. We’ll want to know the reason for your ADU or JADU. If it’s for income, let’s talk longevity. If it’s for something more personal, let’s focus on style and finishes.

Next, we’ll examine your space (including setbacks from your property line, existing rooflines, existing slab or raised flooring, and utilities,) and take measurements to determine the size, scope, and cost of the project, including the applicable permits and fees required of such a project. We’ll also assess your energy needs.
Next, our architects will draw up a design based on their years of experience along with your wants and the needs presented during evaluation, while factoring in the wants and needs of any state and local zoning agencies.

We’ll drop in a new sewer line, electrical system, gas line and tankless water heater, and pour a new foundation per the approved set of plans for your Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Lastly, we’ll frame the unit as needed, install windows and doors and HVAC, apply exterior lath and stucco, and/or siding, install insulation and drywall, connect sinks and toilets, primer and paint the unit and install appliances.

MVP Builders will proactively check the FEMA Flood Map to make sure that you’re able to build where you want, and explore your options if you can’t.

In the meantime, see where your home falls on the flood map!

Why Use MVP Builders?


Our experience is not only measured in years and customers. As a general contractor, we build from the ground up, from hardscape and landscape to roofing and solar, and all points in between.


We’re also well versed at navigating the often tricky process of permits and inspections and resource allocation, keeping your project on time and on budget.


We’ll keep you in-the-loop at all phases of your project with access to our cloud-based project management software, to stay informed and in communication with your MVP team.

Read our “11 Considerations Before Selecting a Contractor” to make sure your home remodel is free from stress and headaches.

What type of ADU works best for you?

An ADU is an extra living unit on your property, complete with kitchen, bathroom and sleeping facilities and may be located either inside, attached to, or detached from the primary dwelling on your property.

Read on or watch our ADU explainer video.


Detached ADU

This unit is separated from the primary home and is often constructed in the backyard.


Garage Conversion

This is an accessory dwelling unit created from a former garage.


Home Conversion

This ADU is a converted area of the primary home, with its own kitchen and bathroom.


Home Addition

This is a unit that shares at least one wall with the primary home.


Junior ADU

This accessory dwelling unit has no more than 500 square feet, built within a single-family home or accessory structure.


Garage Addition

This ADU shares at least one wall with the garage. Units can also be built above the garage.

Download a free ADU Handbook!

You can learn more about ADUs from the City of Los Angeles HERE, or download the CA Dept of Housing and Community Development’s ADU Handbook HERE.

Let's discuss your ADU project.

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