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Why use concrete pavers?

Not only do concrete pavers cost much less than other types of paving products such as clay, granite or sandstone pavers, the maintenance and repair costs associated are minimal as well. (Pro tip: Make sure you keep a few extra pavers should you eventually need to replace a broken one.)

Pavers are a safe, sensible and aesthetically attractive solution for both residential and commercial driveways, parking lots, promenades, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, and all other outdoor surfaces.

Concrete pavers come in an endless number of styles and colors, shapes and textures, providing elegance,beauty and functionality.

Pavers can easily be maintained by sweeping, rinsing and occasional elbow grease. And, pavers can be repaired by lifting and replacing the affected pavers with one of the extra pavers you keep on hand. Also, accessing the underbase or utilities is made simple utilizing the same principle.

Concrete pavers are many times stronger than regular poured concrete and more durable than black asphalt, and can withstand years of abuse with a compressive strength of 8000 PSI. Small joints between pavers allow for expansion and contraction, as the ground below it expands and contracts, without creating cracks like you see with concrete surfaces.

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